University of Nyíregyháza (NYE)

The city of Nyíregyháza is 231 km from Budapest

which is the same distance between Debrecen and Budapest. However, when you go by train from Budapest, the train departing from Nyugati (West) Station first stops at Debrecen and then goes to its final stop, Nyíregyháza.

University of Nyíregyháza

Actually comes from the same tradition with Debrecen and most of the professors are Debrecen graduates. Debrecen is very close to Nyireghaza (50km), so Debrecen University’s Faculty of Health is located here, and Debrecen students use the dormitories of Nyireghaza University every year since dormitories are full in Debrecen.

The city of Nyíregyháza

is in northeastern Hungary and the capital of the Province of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg. With a population of 120,000, it is the seventh largest city in Hungary and one of the most prominent cities in Northern Hungary and the northern part of the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld).

The inhabitants of the city

Took an active role in the 1848-1849 Hungarian independence struggle against Austria and after the 1850s Nyíregyháza became more urban and in 1858 the railway line reached Nyíregyháza; Several buildings were built, including many new buildings, a telegraph office, the main post office and a theatre. Tram construction was completed in 1911.

In the 1960s, the city grew and developed rapidly

Today, Nyíregyháza is an educational and popular tourist destination, as well as one of the wealthiest cities in Hungary.

The most known factories in the city

Lego Toy Factory

Michelin Hungaria Tire Factory

Nyiregyhaza is the thermal tourism center of the region with its natural thermal waters...

Due to the abundance of factories located within the city, students are afforded the opportunity to engage in part-time employment while pursuing their studies, with the added benefit of a potential post-graduation job offer.

Due to its location, Nyireghaza is close to many countries and important cities.

Mukachevo, Ukraine
Kösice, Slovakia
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Krakow, Poland
Vienna, Austria
116 KM
120 KM
250 KM
385 KM
473 KM
Advantages of studying at Nyiregyhaza
  • The institution offers an affordable education to its students.
    * Being located in an EU member country, the institution provides opportunities for foreign students to participate in the Erasmus program and study in other countries for a semester or a year.
  • Hungary, in general, is a safe country, and the institution is situated in a secure city, ensuring the safety of its students.
  • The faculty and staff of the institution are highly interested and enthusiastic, particularly towards foreign students who have just started studying at the institution.
  • The institution provides a wide range of accommodation options, including plentiful and affordable dormitories, as well as houses in the city that are up to 50% cheaper than those in Budapest.
  • The institution serves as a springboard for students who aspire to continue their education or pursue a career in the EU. For example, students who study Mechanical Engineering at the institution can seek admission to reputable universities for a master’s degree.
  • The city has a high number of factories, providing numerous job opportunities for Agricultural and Mechanical engineers. The institution has a partnership with these factories to enhance students’ employability.
  • The institution’s Pilot department is exceptional, with over 70 years of experience in training pilots. The department is the pilot school for Wizz Air.
Nyireghaza University Dormitories

Reception Video

1 – Standard Single Room

In this option, the student stays alone in the room. The bathroom is shared with the student in the next room. The toilet and kitchen are shared with the students living on that floor in the corridor. Room width is narrower than Twin option.

Monthly Fee: 80 Euro

Deposit: 110 Euro


2 – Twin room

Twin apartment has 2 rooms. Students can stay in the room either alone (Single) or with someone else (Double). Bathroom, toilet and kitchen are shared with the student staying in the other room in the Twin apartment.

Monthly Fee: Double 60 Euro, Single 100 Euro

Deposit: 110 Euros


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