Semmelweis University (SOTE)

Short History

Semmelweis University, dating back to its establishment in 1769 by Queen Maria Theresa within the University of Nagyszombat, has a rich history. It later relocated to Buda and Pest, setting the stage for significant growth. Despite challenges, the faculty kept up with international medical advancements. World War I and economic crises brought changes, with the institution gaining global recognition and modern qualifications systems. World War II and the 1956 Revolution posed challenges, but international engagement and expansion continued, culminating in its merger and renaming as Semmelweis University in 2000. In recent years, it has further evolved, including the addition of health vocational schools and governance by a public-interest trust foundation since August 1, 2021. For more details click here.

About the University

Semmelweis University is a prominent hub of education, research, and healthcare excellence in Hungary and Central Europe, particularly in the fields of medicine and health sciences. Its core dedication lies in upholding the highest standards of education, research, and medical care, establishing it as a globally recognized center of expertise and knowledge.

Semmelweis University is a diverse global community, providing programs in three languages: Hungarian, English, and German. The university has more than 10,000 students, and this number keeps increasing. A third of university students come from all five continents, with the goal of pursuing their education across university’s six faculties.

Health Care 

Semmelweis University is a major healthcare provider in Hungary, serving approximately 5% of the population, including critically ill patients. Its clinics offer both hands-on training and advanced medical care, exposing students to rare cases. The university has a proud history of producing top physicians, researchers, and scientists, including Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi and Ignác Semmelweis, known as the “savior of mothers.”

Studying at Semmelweils University


University Life 

Semmelweis University offers a diverse range of events to enhance the student experience. Cultural festivals, sports competitions, and scientific conferences provide opportunities for learning and fun. Themed parties, including Octoberfest and Halloween, add excitement to campus life. Freshman events help newcomers integrate and make friends. The Freshman Ball is a highlight, featuring music and dancing in a magical setting.

Accommodation Facilities 
Semmelweis University offers five dormitories and two specialized accommodations, providing housing for over 900 students. These facilities are more than just places to stay; they serve as hubs for mutual academic support, talent development, self-improvement, physical activity, and enriching leisure activities among students.
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Renting accommodation in Budapest for Semmelweis University students is most convenient in the 8th and 9th districts, or nearby areas. Prices typically start at around 300 Euros per room and about 500 Euros for a studio in central Budapest.

Summelweils Housing

For students of Semmelweis University, Semmelweis Housing provides specialized guidance. This exclusive real estate agency assists students in their search for suitable housing during their university studies in Budapest. They offer counseling both in person and through phone or email, covering not just property rental but also other related concerns.

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