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About the University

Founded in 1964, the Engineering College of Kecskemét was the legal predecessor of John von Neumann University. In 2016, the university was formed through the merger of three other institutions and has since become one of the largest universities in the southern region of Hungary. The campus is located in the lovely town of Kecskemét, just a 40-minute drive from Budapest. Kecskemét is a rapidly developing city with a strong business background and a beautiful, modern campus where students can learn in well-equipped buildings, accredited laboratories, libraries, and training facilities. The university works closely with local companies and firms to ensure its students have a smooth transition to the workforce after graduation.

Mercedes-Benz training JNU students for many years..

For over a decade, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét has been supporting practical training for students, enabling them to gain competitive knowledge during their university studies. With this hands-on knowledge, they can become industry experts and build a prosperous career. The partnership between the Mercedes-Benz plant and John von Neumann University has been a success story since the beginning, as evidenced by the results of the graduates.

The plant relies on the confident and up-to-date knowledge of the students, which they acquire during their university studies. In 2022, for the third time, the popular “Made in Kecskemét” course is being offered, providing students with direct knowledge from experts in the automotive industry. The course aims to prepare students for their future careers and make them more effective after graduation. As usual, the course will be inaugurated by the factory director Christian Wolff.

The launch of the JNU vehicle engineering BSc in 2012 marked the long-term success of the partnership between the university and the factory. The optional course “Made in Kecskemét” is now starting for the third time, further highlighting the success of the partnership between the higher education institution, the BSc program, and the course.

Whether it’s vocational or higher education, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét sees the training of future vehicle industry professionals as a strategic issue and a means of ensuring its own supply. Mercedes-Benz believes in the young students who envision their future in car manufacturing and Kecskemét.

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