International Business School (IBS)

Earn Hungarian, Irish and British Degree

Short University History

Established in 1991, IBS initially began offering business programs in English. Over time, it relocated from Kelenföldi railway station to Budapest’s scenic second district. In 2014, IBS moved to the northern part of Budapest, creating a modern campus in Graphisoft Park with three new buildings and a nearby Residence Hall. Thanks to ongoing development efforts, IBS expanded its programs, now offering eight Bachelor’s and four Master’s programs, compared to the single program available in 1991. The first degrees were granted in 1995, with over 3,300 graduates by 2012. IBS alumni are spread worldwide, contributing to a vast network. The institution values its alumni community and regularly hosts Alumni Evenings, with nearly one-third of graduates becoming members, an impressive rate considering the international student body.

Why International Business School in Hungary?

At IBS, you will earn both a Hungarian degree from IBS and either a British or an Irish degree.

The University’s partnership with the University of Buckingham in the UK ensures the exceptional quality of our education, enhancing your appeal in the job market.

Additionally, the university’s collaboration with Dublin Business School means that our Business Administration and Management and International Business Economics bachelor’s programs can lead to both an Irish degree from DBS and a Hungarian degree from IBS.

IBS is renowned for its student-centered approach, providing:

  1. Small group classes, promote interactive learning.
  2. Practical training to develop sought-after skills.
  3. Encouragement of critical thinking.
  4. A global environment to enhance English proficiency and network with students from 100 countries.
  5. Erasmus+ opportunities to study at our 62 partner universities in 21 countries.
  6. Dedicated student support through our Student Wellbeing team and mentors.
  7. Regular feedback collection for continuous improvement.
  8. Cost-effective British degree options with scholarships available, given Budapest’s affordable tuition and living costs compared to the UK.

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