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About Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

The history of Hungarian technical education, as well as the history of the University of Technology, goes back to the 18th century, when engineers were absolutely needed for national land surveying, which played an important role in the government’s economic policy, as well as for the elimination of the bad condition of public roads, the unregulated nature of rivers, and the draining of huge swamps.

August 30, 1782: founding decree of the first direct predecessor institution of the University of Technology. The Institutum Geometrico-Hydrotechnicum, founded in the Faculty of Arts of the Buda University, was the first civilian engineering training institute in Europe in which technical sciences were taught in a university organization (12 years earlier than in the French École Polytechnique, which was raised to college status in 1794). The main taught subject was applied mathematics, within the framework of which they taught surveying and water engineering knowledge. In addition, the decree stated for the first time in Hungary that only a person who passed a public exam in the theory and practice of the required mathematical studies at the university could be employed for a public engineering position, i.e. the engineering career was from then on tied to a university degree. The booming industry in the 19th century created a demand for professionals that the Institute, which trained only land surveying and water engineering engineers, could no longer satisfy.

Present day, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is a highly prestigious institution of Hungarian higher education. Its primary task is the training of technical, IT, natural science, economic, business and management specialists for the relevant sectors of the national economy. The mission of the university, which is inseparable from education, is the cultivation of science, scientific research and creation, which encompasses the basic and applied research that makes up the innovation chain, the development of technical products and services, and the utilization of the results.

Education System and Admission Requirements of Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is among Europe’s leading technical and economic universities. It has succeeded in becoming the destination for those who want to receive advanced English education in fields such as engineering and business among Hungarian universities. For those looking for quality education and international recognition, Budapest University of Technology and Economics is the address. You do not need to take local university entrance exams to study at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the diploma you will receive is recognized both by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and internationally. This allows you to find employment opportunities in all of Europe and countries worldwide, and build your career in the country of your choice.

International students choose Budapest University of Technology and Economics more and more each year. To enroll in university departments, you need to have the necessary competencies specific to the departments you choose. Budapest University of Technology and Economics offers programs entirely in English. Therefore, you need to have a sufficient level of English language proficiency before applying to Budapest University of Technology and Economics. For admission to technical departments, you should have basic levels of knowledge in Mathematics and Physics. If you cannot pass the university department exams before applying to Budapest University of Technology and Economics, don’t worry. You can easily compensate for these basic skills by taking English preparatory or engineering preparatory courses at any Hungarian university. You can reach out to us to learn more about preparatory programs related to your dream department.


Studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the beloved cities in Europe with its rich history, magnificent architecture, and dynamic lifestyle. The city emerged from the union of Buda and Pest, which are located on both sides of the Danube River, and officially merged in 1873.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the most prominent universities in this coveted city. Studying at a university in Budapest is highly valuable because Budapest universities are prestigious and enjoy a fantastic geographical location. Students can easily create value for themselves both culturally and socially. Living in Budapest is quite convenient and comfortable. Throughout your university journey in Budapest, you will savor every moment of this beautiful city. While studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, you can easily access every corner of the city. Budapest is a large city with a well-developed transportation network. For Budapest university students, there is a wide range of cultural and social activities to choose from. Budapest university students can easily socialize and have opportunities for cultural development. Budapest University of Technology and Economics is highly valuable both in terms of its historical, cultural, and educational quality. Hungarian university education in general provides valuable opportunities.

Accommodation Opportunities 

In Budapest, students typically prefer to share a common apartment. The rental prices for these apartments vary between 250-350€ per month. For students who choose to stay in state or private dormitories, monthly expenses usually range from approximately 100-250€. Learn more about accommodation opportunuties at Hungarian universities
  • Superior Education Standards: Our university stands out in education quality, hosting four Nobel Prize winners and numerous renowned scientists.
  • A Global University: We offer a truly international academic environment with over 1,000 international students and foreign professors from around the world joining us each year.
  • Innovation and Research Focus: As the most innovative university in Hungary in terms of R+D investment and publication output, we take a leading role in research and development.
  • Dynamic Programs and City Life: Located in the heart of Budapest, our university provides an exciting urban experience, where something is always happening.
  • Sports and Active Lifestyle: With our state-of-the-art sports facilities and numerous Olympic medalists, we enrich your university experience with sports and an active lifestyle.
  • Expansive and Modern Campus: Our campus is like a city in itself, offering students a comfortable living space with spacious buildings and green areas.

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