Budapest Metropolitan University (METU)

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About Metropolitan University

Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) is the largest private university in Hungary, specializing in applied sciences. With a diverse student body of approximately 7,000 students, including 1,000 international students, METU offers a wide range of programs in the fields of communication, business, tourism, applied arts, and creative industries.

METU provides 22 undergraduate degree courses, 18 graduate degree courses, 7 higher-education vocational training courses, and 18 postgraduate specialist training programs, also  offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree courses taught in English to cater to international students.

METU prioritize practice-based professional learning and teaching that aligns with the needs of the job market.  University dedicated to providing personalized support for each student’s educational journey and fostering the development of social competencies. To achieve these goals, METU has developed their own educational methodology program called myBRAND.

With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a vibrant learning environment, METU is committed to equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their chosen fields. Whether you aspire to be a successful communicator, entrepreneur, artist, or industry professional, METU is one of the best option in Hungary to help you achieve your goals and prepare you for a fulfilling career.

Budapest Metropolitan University Diploma

Metropolitan University’s degrees hold international accreditation and recognition. Hungary’s educational framework is multi-tiered, aligning with the principles of the Bologna Process and implementing the ECTS Credit system. Furthermore, Metropolitan University enjoys endorsement and authorization from both the Hungarian educational regulatory body and the Hungarian Accreditation Committee.

Budapest Metropolitan University Career Center

Each year, Budapest Metropolitan University collaborates with businesses to remain attuned to the dynamic corporate landscape, seamlessly integrating emerging developments into its academic programs. The primary objective is to equip students with practical, current expertise, facilitating a smooth transition into the real world through internships upon graduation.

Budapest Metropolitan University’s Talent Management Program empowers students to leverage their specific talents within their chosen fields. The university arranges Professional Job Fairs and Company Days across various disciplines such as Media Studies, Economics, Marketing, Tourism, and Social Sciences. These events offer students valuable face-to-face interactions with representatives from foundations, associations, banks, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, the Budapest Metropolitan University Career Center offers the support of Life Coaches who assist students with personal challenges and provide essential guidance.

Work Opportunity While Studying

Internships and traineeships play a pivotal role in readying students for actual workplace scenarios and aligning them with the demands of the job market. Concurrently, combining work experience with your studies opens doors to valuable networking prospects and, in many cases, can even lead to permanent employment offers. Beyond mandatory internships, METU remains committed to assisting you in securing employment both during and after your academic journey.





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