Social Pedagogy Master’s

Level: Master (MA&MSc)
Start years: 2024
Semesters: 4
Price: 4 200
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: University of Nyíregyháza (NYE)
City: Nyíregyháza

Course Description

The goal of this training program is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to become social pedagogues. These professionals utilize theoretical understanding of societal functioning, interpersonal dynamics, deviance, and specialized care techniques to provide support in various settings, including public education, social welfare, child protection, and basic care environments. Their main focus lies in promoting social inclusion for children, young people, and their families, as well as disadvantaged individuals and those in need of social care. They work towards re-establishing social and community connections rooted in principles of individual and collective responsibility, social justice, democratic values, and human and children’s rights. The program also aims to cultivate professionals with advanced expertise capable of undertaking research, expert consultations, teaching roles, decision-making, management, planning, and organizational tasks within the realm of social pedagogy, either independently or in group settings, demonstrating a high degree of responsibility. Graduates are well-prepared to pursue further studies at the doctoral level. This Social Pedagogy course is ideally suited for individuals who have a genuine interest in working with children and young people, possess a strong commitment to their development and well-being, excel in organizing recreational activities, and are motivated to gain in-depth knowledge about the societal systems governing social welfare, child protection, and education.

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