Pre-Veterinary (Intensive)

Level: Foundation
Start years: 2024, 2025
Start month: January
Semesters: 1
Application deadline: November 15, 2023
Price: 6 990
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: McDaniel College Budapest
City: Budapest

Course Description

If you are looking to attend medical, dental, pharmacy or veterinary schools, McDaniel College offers an ideal learning environment that will prepare you for success. Instead of large lecture halls with hundreds of students, you will find yourself in smaller classes with about 18 of your peers. In this environment, your professor can easily recognize you when you raise your hand and engage. When you submit your assignments, it will be your professor, not a graduate student, who will give you detailed feedback and give you 100% of his/her attention. If you would like guidance on your academic path, your professor will get to know you and be able to create a personalized plan. Most importantly, when it comes to getting letters of recommendation for graduate school, you’ll have a personal mentor in your professor and make a strong impression on admissions committees. Moreover, Mc Daniel College is located in the center of Pest, right opposite the Budapest Veterinary University, and serves as the official preparatory school of the Budapest Veterinary University.

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