Medical Diagnostic Analysis – Optometry

Level: Bachelor (BA&BSc)
Start years: 2024
Start month: September
Semesters: 8
Application deadline: July 31, 2024
English level: B2
Type of Entrance Exam: Entrance exam: Biology, English language
Price: 6 800
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: Semmelweis University (SOTE)
City: Budapest

Course Description

Individuals who have completed the Medical Diagnostic Analysis BSc program with a specialization in Optometry possess expertise in the field of optics, enabling them to independently perform eye examinations and corrective procedures. They are capable of prescribing optical aids such as eyeglasses and contact lenses to optimize a patient’s visual acuity. Their skills encompass assessing the refractive properties of the eye, identifying refractive errors, evaluating the functionality of eye muscles, and determining the presence of heterophoria and convergence issues. These professionals also conduct comprehensive examinations that encompass binocular vision, examination of the eye chamber, crystalline lens, vitreous humor, and the eye fundus using a slit lamp, in addition to estimating ocular tension.

As for career prospects, graduates of the Medical Diagnostic Analyst – Optometry BSc program can find opportunities in various settings, including optical shops, outpatient ophthalmologic clinics and hospitals, optical product and project management, ophthalmologic diagnostic laboratories, ophthalmic assistance roles, and engagement in ophthalmic research projects. Furthermore, those who wish to further advance their education can pursue master’s level studies in the field.

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