Film and Media BA

Level: Bachelor (BA&BSc)
Start years: 2024
Semesters: 6
English level: Intermediate
Language certificate requested: FCE or CAE, IELTS 5.5+ or TOEFL 69+
Type of Entrance Exam: Interview,Portfolio,CV and Letter of Motivation
Price: 5 900
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: Budapest Metropolitan University (METU)
City: Budapest

Course Description

Our film and media program offers an expansive range of education. From classical methods like autonomous graphic design and painting to their digital counterparts, the department introduces students to a diverse palette of artistic expression.

Comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in traditional and electronic imagery, motion pictures, and media is at the core of our curriculum. Students navigate through the realms of visual representation, encompassing traditional and digital art forms, and exploring the intersections between applied and media arts.

This program is perfect for those with a keen interest in motion pictures, coupled with mature visual intelligence and strong communication skills. The curriculum encompasses everything from making short films, television scenes, and documentaries to mastering screenwriting, directing, lighting, editing, and sound-post-production work. Theoretical knowledge, including film theory and the history of motion pictures, complements hands-on practice.

Through the motion picture art practice, students delve into dramatic composition, editing, and production. The motion picture technique courses build on each other, exposing students to the language of filmmakers, cameramen, and sound editors. They gain practical experience in one-camera or multi-camera shootings, become proficient in post-production software, and experiment with various motion picture genres and roles.

Upon graduation, students are equipped to autonomously apply visual language in both still imagery and motion pictures. They are primed for roles as motion picture makers in mass communication and media institutes, film post-production, program production organization in editorial offices, and even within the advertising and PR sphere.

The department has achieved notable success, with students’ works being selected for prestigious film festivals and earning awards. Partnerships with industry leaders like ATV, Átrium Film & Theatre, and MAFILM further enrich the educational experience, providing students with real-world insights and opportunities.

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