English Studies Master’s (PTE)

Level: Master (MA&MSc)
Start years: 2024
Semesters: 4
Language certificate requested: Duolingo 135 / IELTS 7.0
Type of Entrance Exam: Europass CV/Motivation letter
Price: 5 000
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: University of Pécs (PTE)
City: Pécs

Course Description

The English Studies Master’s program is designed to cultivate experts with a comprehensive understanding of the English language, literature, and culture. Graduates possess a strong theoretical, methodological, and practical foundation in English Studies, enabling them to apply their knowledge effectively. They demonstrate proficiency in areas such as linguistics, literature, history, and culture of English-speaking countries including Great Britain, Ireland, and Canada. Additionally, they are well-versed in modern theoretical and applied linguistics, particularly as it pertains to the English language.

These graduates are equipped to excel in various professional domains including business, media, education, diplomacy, international relations, tourism, publishing, government, and cultural sectors. They are also well-prepared to pursue further studies at the doctoral level. The program offers both full-time and correspondence options.

The curriculum covers introductory courses in English linguistics, history, literature, and culture, followed by a choice between two specializations: English literature or English applied linguistics. Graduates of this program possess an extensive understanding of English-speaking cultures, encompassing language, linguistics, literature, and history.

They are not only qualified for roles demanding specialized expertise, conceptual thinking, and practical skills in English Studies, but also excel in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary contexts. Their capabilities extend to independent research, scholarly contributions in the form of original studies, and acting as mediators between English-speaking and Hungarian-speaking cultures across various fields. Furthermore, they are adept at conveying knowledge related to the English language and cultures. Key personal attributes for success in this field include a strong professional drive, analytical aptitude, intercultural sensibility, advanced English proficiency, and effective communication and presentation skills.

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