Computer Science Engineering Master’s

Level: Master (MA&MSc)
Start years: 2024
Semesters: 4
Type of Entrance Exam: Motivational letter and Interview
Price: 8 000
usd/year (2 semesters)
University: University of Pécs (PTE)
City: Pécs

Course Description

The Computer Science Engineering master’s program is a cornerstone offering at our Faculty, designed to cater to engineers with backgrounds in technical disciplines related to information technology sciences. Its overarching goal is to prepare these professionals for successful careers in computer and information engineering.

This program is characterized by a comprehensive curriculum that delves into both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of information technology. It encompasses the study of information acquisition, systems, technical methodologies, and their integration into engineering practices. Notably, it places significant emphasis on emerging areas such as intelligent systems and multiprocessor technology.

The course structure is thoughtfully designed, featuring a blend of formal lectures, interactive tutorials, and hands-on lab sessions. This approach fosters a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter and facilitates the application of theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios. Moreover, the program incorporates supervised work sessions to provide students with practical experience and mentorship.

Upon completion, graduates will possess a robust set of technical and academic skills, positioning them as adept engineers in the field of information technology. They will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

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