Communication and Media Studies Master’s

Level: Master (MA&MSc)
Start years: 2024
Semesters: 4
Price: 5 600
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)
City: Budapest

Course Description

The master’s program equips students for advanced intellectual pursuits and careers in the realm of academia and research. For those aspiring to work post-graduation, the expansive media and communications industry offers a diverse array of employment opportunities. Additionally, the training provided sets the stage for further studies at the doctoral level.

Individuals who opt for the specialization in communication and media studies emerge as professionals with a robust foundation in social sciences. They gain the ability to navigate the pivotal processes of medialization, which are fundamental aspects of contemporary social phenomena. These graduates are poised to independently research and educate others as lecturers or researchers.

The specialization in communication and media studies fosters professionals with a background in both social sciences and humanities, coupled with practical skills. They find roles in various sectors of the modern media and communication industry, serving as leaders, editors, programmers, international project managers, communication experts, media consultants, and specialist journalists.

This program is well-suited for applicants with an interest in social sciences, contemporary public life, society and culture, and the societal and cultural impact of media and new technologies. It is particularly attractive to those who enjoy extensive reading and writing, thrive in collaborative environments, and have a penchant for creating original content.

Graduates of the Communication and Media Studies MA possess expertise in two specializations: Cultural Journalism and Digital Business Communication. This provides them with the versatility to enter various subfields within the EU Nomenclature of Creative Industries, spanning books, newspapers and magazines, music, performing arts, TV, film, radio, video games, visual arts, architecture, and advertising.

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