Biotechnology BSc

Level: Bachelor (BA&BSc)
Start years: 2024
Start month: September
Semesters: 8
Application deadline: June 28, 2024
Price: 7 000
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: University of Pécs (PTE)
City: Pécs

Course Description

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers an Academic Program leading to a Biotechnologist degree. This program combines a solid theoretical foundation in natural sciences with hands-on experience in cutting-edge biotechnology. The resulting diploma is recognized across all European Union member states and several other nations.

The program is designed to prepare students for immediate employment upon graduation, and as such, it incorporates industrial or research laboratory placements to provide essential work experience. Through state-of-the-art laboratory techniques, students also engage in research activities, opening doors to further education opportunities in medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and food biotechnology.

With a Biotechnologist BSc diploma, graduates have diverse career options. They can work in industrial test laboratories, research and development laboratories, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry production, or contract research laboratories in small biotech firms or research institutes. Additionally, graduates are well-equipped for careers in biostatistics and bioanalytics. Those interested in further education can pursue programs like Biotechnology MSc, Biomedical Engineering MSc, Clinical Laboratory Scientist MSc, and more at the University of Pecs or other institutions in the European Union or various countries.

As the program is exclusively taught in English, it fosters a vibrant international learning environment.

The diploma program spans three years and comprises both basic and specialized studies. The initial 1.5 years focus on fundamental sciences, covering general, inorganic, and organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, biophysics, plant, animal and human biology, physiology, and mathematics.

Specialized studies encompass biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, genetic manipulation, immunology, and the basics of pharmaceutical, medical, food, and environmental biotechnology. Students also gain proficiency in data management, analysis, and biostatistics.

During the 6th semester, students are required to submit a written thesis, while in the 5th-6th semesters, they engage in a 6-week practical training program either in industry or a research laboratory.

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