Architecture (One Tier Master Program)

Level: One-tier Master
Start years: 2024
Start month: September
Semesters: 10
Application deadline: May 31, 2024
Language certificate requested: IELTS 5.0, TOEFL iBT 72
Price: 6 400
eur/year (2 semesters)
University: Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME)
City: Budapest

Course Description

The Faculty of Architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics is dedicated to cultivating highly skilled architectural engineers who possess a deep understanding of the social and cultural dimensions inherent in their profession. Emphasizing versatility, the program ensures that students acquire fundamental knowledge and abilities across various fields of architecture, preparing them for success in a fiercely competitive job market.

Graduates are equipped to excel in a wide range of building- or design-related roles, including consulting, construction, and management. With a comprehensive skill set and an acute awareness of the societal and cultural implications of their work, they are primed to make meaningful contributions to the built environment, addressing complex challenges with creativity and innovation.

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