How and From Which Countries Can Apply?

As Hun Education Student Consultancy Company, we are the official application center for most Hungarian universities; however, we are not authorized to accept applications from every country.

If you are a citizen of one of the following countries, you can apply with us.

European Union Countries
American Countries
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Age Limit

According to our experience, over-aged applicants experience difficulties in obtaining a visa, so your age must meet the following limits. If you are older than these limits, you can apply directly to the regarding university.

Preparatory Programs: Maximum 23 years old

Bachelor: Maximum 24 years old

Master: Maximum 28 years old

Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy: (No Age Limit)


According to our experience, candidates who have at least 6500 Euros in their bank accounts can obtain visas more easily, of course this is not a definite rule. In Hungary, if we say that an international student’s costs average of 650 Euro per month (food, accommodation etc.) and count education period as 10 months, so calculation must be 650 x 10 = 6500 Euro. Applicants who cannot show reasonable amounts of money at their bank accounts are not recommended to apply for a visa. This rule is not only for Hungary, applies to all students who will study outside of their home country. Consulates of other countries also want to see the same amount of money in students’ bank account.


  • Adequate financial resources: According to the above calculations, the financial situation should be appropriate.
  • Your age must be eligible for application.
  • Entrance exam is required for some departments.

Example entrance exam requirements:

  • Medicine, Dentistry / Pharmacy: Chemistry, Biology Exam as Oral / Written
  • Engineering: Online Physics, Mathematics exam
  • Architecture: Online Physics, Mathematics, Drawing exam
  • Film Studies, Design: Portfolio

For Bachelor

  • You must be a high school graduate. You need to bring and show your original high school certificate to the University.
  • Competent English language knowledge: for bachelor program, generally Hungarian Universities require IELTS 5.5 or equivalent English language certificate. In case you have no such certificate you can apply to English Language Preparatory programs.

For Master

  • You must hold a bachelor degree – or equivalent certificate – from related scientific area additionally to your high school certificate.
  • Good English language knowledge: for a master program application, generally Hungarian Universities require IELTS 6.5 or equivalent English language certificate.


If you have the financial means to study in Hungary and are eligible for the respective programme, please email the following documents by clicking the “Send Email” button below.

  • Application Form
    Application Form

    After you submit your application to us, we will send it to you!

  • Photocopy of Passport
    Photocopy of Passport

    The page with the photo should be forwarded

  • High School/University Transcript (Transcript)
    High School/University Transcript (Transcript)

    If the original of the transcript is not in English, a translated copy from a sworn translator along with the original.

  • Apostilled High School/University Diploma
    Apostilled High School/University Diploma

    Don't forget to apostille the back of your diploma before you come to Hungary! However, this is not required in the pre-application, if your diploma is not in English, do not forget to send us a copy translated into English by a sworn translator as well as the original! If you are senior student, instead of diploma in the first place, you can apply by obtaining a student certificate stating that you are in the last year and that you will graduate soon.

  • Your Parent's (Sponsor) Bank Account Statement Covering the Last 6 Months (Optional))
    Your Parent's (Sponsor) Bank Account Statement Covering the Last 6 Months (Optional))

    It is also required for your visa application. If someone else is funding your education (for example, your parents), please include a Sponsor Letter with your application.

  • CV

    If possible, in Europass format and with photo.

Next Process


After the examination of your application documents you will be informed whether you can move forward with your application or not. We will send you an Pre-Acceptance Letter with further information.

Final Acceptance

After you transfer your tuition fee and application fee to the university’s bank account , we will send you final Letter of Acceptance via post which is the official declaration that you are accepted.


With the Letter of Acceptance you can visit the nearest Hungarian Embassy and apply for visa (type D).


In case the visa is not granted to you, the University will refund the tuition fee after having received the justifying documents.


After visa, please Airplane, train ticket etc. make your reservations. You only need health insurance for travel days.

Application Deadline

It varies from university to university, from department to department. However, since most universities start in September, it is necessary to apply until May or June. To begin in February, you must apply until October, no later than November.

Late Arrivals

Please be aware that late arrivals – after the start of the academic year – may result in missing a number of classes which may jeopardize the completion of subjects in the given semester. Late arrivals will remain entirely the student’s responsibility.

Services & Fees

Due to is that we are official application center for the most of Hungarian Universities, our university placement service is FREE!. However if you ask extra service in Hungary, you can also choose one of our optional packages. (Not mandatory!)


University Placement Service

As Hun Education, we are the official application center for most Hungarian Universities. We will apply to the university and department behalf you, and then send you an acceptance letter via email. However, if you wish, you can also purchase our Standard Service Package that includes additional particular services listed below. 

Standard Service Package

You can also choose this package.. (Optional)

  1. Welcoming at the airport,
  2. Airport transfer from airport to your city where you will study,
  3. Temporary accommodation solutions before arrival (minimum 4 weeks) After reservation, you will pay it directly to hostel/apart/hotel then we will send you confirmation of reservation sheet which is necassary for the visa.
  4. Permanent accomodation services upon arrival. We will find you a flat with furniture, or dorm if there is an available place.
  5. City Orientation: Public transport, useful local knowledge, tips about city etc.
  6. On campus registration: We will help on your personal registration as a freshman in your faculty.
  7. Resident Permit: Helping you with the procedures necessary for your compulsory student residence permit.
  8. Assisting you with the purchase of an appropriate Hungarian mobile telephone sim-card.
  9. Helping you to open a bank account in Hungary.

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